Wooden track predates both iron-strapped and steel track. As the entry to model railroading for most children, it deserves to be elevated to a higher standard for craftsmanship and hands-on creative play at community events, train shows and related venues.

Unlike traditional wooden track, ElevatedTrak has no connectors. It is designed to be cut to length and integrated into a fixed layout – including modular table or shelf railways that are both portable and reconfigurable. It is configured to work with traditional and commercially-available wooden engines and rolling stock. Customized trains add to the immersive experience. With classical rails and sleepers, this track brings a realism to wooden railways that re-engages older children who may have outgrown more traditional wooden railways.

In pursuit of a more realistic railway accommodating longer freight and passenger cars and trains, sharp corners, steep inclines and tight switches should be kept to spurs and yards or avoided entirely. Bridges are more detailed. Tunnel portals more realistic. And a line of rolling stock and engines are available that are more representative within the constraints of the scale and age range of hobbyists. Your railway is only limited by your imagination.

Designed to be open-source, there are links, diagrams and CNC files available to foster creativity and improve accessibility for hobbyists. These railway elements are also much lighter than traditional wooden track – reducing transport costs and reducing burden when setting up or disassembling layout displays.